Venture Capital

Last updated: March 10, 2023

I have come across a venture business by accident. When I was raising capital for my studies, I was fortunate to encounter a group of individuals who supported my dream to study at Oxford. One of them has thought that a philosophy major and aspiring policy adept could be of some use for his investment activities in the UK, and I took a chance in what has become the beginning of an amazing journey.

Only a few years later I discovered how lucky I was. By connecting dots, I have also realized that the venture business is a structured and institutionalized form of activity supporting talented individuals trying to solve big problems; an activity which I have aspired to pursue ever since I was a child. Today I am a co-founder of two investment vehicles.

Expeditions Fund invests directly from pre-seed to Series A+ into specialised dual use technology companies in specific verticals (cyber security, AI, synthetic bio and defense-first products). We are also keen on backing top entrepreneurs from the CEE region and Polish-diaspora. Firlej Kastory is a family investment partnership devoted to managing and growing long-term capital. Today it predominantly invests in other venture capital funds globally.