Last updated: March 10, 2023

When I am asked what my profession is I struggle to provide a simple answer. Since early high school days my deep passion has been philosophy and, later at the University, I was able to find ways to connect general philosophy with specific legal problems. I have also started gradually to develop interest in AI and autonomous systems both from the policy and industry perspective. At the same time, I was fortunate to encounter the venture business and met like-minded people to whom I owe the opportunity for helping build what is now known as Expeditions Fund.

On the academic side, at the AI Institute at the University of Surrey, I strive to establish a leading research portfolio in the field of Human-AI Interaction. The goal of my research is to provide a deeper understanding about the role of human factors in the increasingly algorithmic decision making across various sectors. Specifically, I focus on the operationalisation of the emerging legal principle of meaningful human control over the use of autonomous systems. At the University of Surrey, I draw from the cross-disciplinary studies of more technically oriented scholars, lawyers, and moral philosophers affiliated at the Institute and beyond. As a person with a strong commitment to public service, I am particularly interested in supporting the Institute to become a leading hub for external partnerships and policy engagement.

Previously, at Oxford, I helped to establish the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs at the Department for Politics and International Relations, where I coordinated development activities and supported the AI research Programme as a Research Affiliate.

In the past I was working for the Polish and British Prime Minister Office, a US private investment firm, a Swiss wealth management software and global software development agency. I hold a doctorate from the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford awarded for a thesis on the emerging regulatory standards over the use of AI-augmented and autonomous weapon systems in the US Air Force. I also graduated from the MPP at the Oxford School of Government and did my graduate and undergraduate studies in socio-legal studies and philosophy at Oxford and the Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities, University of Warsaw. Outside of my work, I enjoy time with my family, read great novels, study geopolitics, try to play the trumpet, and pursue sport activities.