Last updated: March 10, 2023

I am actively involved in three main policy areas:

  1. Safe development and use of AI-systems

    • I am a Director of the Law and Technology Hub at the AI Institute and School of Law, University of Surrey. Together with a Team we strive to develop new understandings of rapidly evolving security threats in AI; (ii) create new legal theories of how to mitigate these threats and (iii) translate these new understandings into policy recommendations.
    • I created an idea and played a critical role in the establishment of the Centre for Tech and Global Affairs at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford. The Centre run AI research programme and organized Applied AI workshop with participants from the industry (Palantir, IBM, r4, etc.) and policy (European Commission, the UK).
    • A delegate from the University of Oxford to the United Nations’ Group of Governmental Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems
    • A member of the European Commission AI Alliance – a forum engaged in a discussion of all aspects of AI development
    • I produced an analysis for the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Government regarding the use of armed drones by non-state actors.
    • I wrote a chapter on AI for the report ‘Common Market as a Common Commitment’ presented to the European Commission.
  2. Better support for Talents

    • I was involved in the legislative effort to create a government-backed scholarship for Polish students studying at the best foreign universities in 2014 and 2015.
    • I am running a small, family foundation to support gifted schoolchildren from Beskids Mountains, Poland.
  3. Stronger civil service

    • I have co-produced first Civil Service Effectiveness Report (which is now known as The International Civil Service Effectiveness (InCiSE) Index), which was the result of a joint project of Department for International Development / Cabinet Office related to measuring the effectiveness of a countries’ civil service.